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What to wear? 

Just wear comfortable sports clothing that does not have metal or plastic buckles, buttons or zips.  These may damage the mats or scratch other people.  For the same reason jewellery and piercings need to be removed or taped up.  We often have spare uniforms (gi) for students to borrow. Eventually you will need to purchase your own gi.


Personal hygiene is very important in BJJ.  Please make sure you and your clothes/uniform are clean and your nails are clipped short. Please make sure you are clean and wear anti-perspirant deodrant.

Booking in?

No booking in is necessary for normal classes.  Just turn up, we have plenty of space. Private lessons need to be booked. prior to attending

What to bring?

Water bottle, towel, mouthguard is optional but encouraged.  Footwear always needs to be worn when off the mat so thongs or sandals are a good idea.

Fitness level to participate?

Any fitness level can begin training.  You can start at your own pace and sit out anytime you like.

Competitive training?

You do not have to participate in the competitive part of the training sessions until you feel comfortable.  Even then it is completely ok to choose who you want to train with.  We have lots of friendly and experienced students who will make you feel welcome and help you learn.

Arrival & Departure?

We understand people have responsibilities so it's no problem if you arrive late or have to leave early.

Students from other clubs?

Everyone is welcome to drop in whenever they like to train with us.

Shoes on the mat?

NEVER.. but socks are ok.

Membership Payments?

We use an electronic direct debit system via email to receive membership payments.  We do NOT ask for you to commit to a contracted time period so you can cancel your membership and payments whenever you choose. .

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