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Drop Bear Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a community focused martial arts club for kids and adults.  We operate in affiliation with CAZA BJJ Australia which is led by 4th degree Black Belt Yoshinori Hasegawa in Noosa, Queensland.  BJJ is a predominantly grappling based martial art that focuses on leverage and technical skill to subdue one's opponent through takedowns, throws and a variety of joint locks and chokes.  It is excellent for building functional strength, flexibility, fitness, coordination and can be used effectively for self-defence purposes.  We cater from the absolute recreational beginner to the competitive sport jiu-jitsu athlete.  Our coaches are all highly experienced competitors and well versed in a wide variety of martial arts, sports and associated fitness training.  We have fostered a relaxed, friendly, safe and supportive environment in our academy.  Participating in BJJ is a fun and social way to start or continue a healthy lifestyle and make new friends.  In fact, if you HATE exercising then BJJ might be the sport for you!

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